The business owner and lead designer of Ballotvox sought usability testing for his iPhone app aimed to engage Millennials more deeply in voting. He had concerns related to privacy, ease of use, and perception of political neutrality. 


UX Researcher

I used two types of usability testing, in-person moderated and remote unmoderated. You can see a copy of the test script I wrote here. For example, we tested content such as the candidate issue rating system, seen below, to see if users understood it. In this case, we learned users seemed very interested, but quite confused.

Screenshot of the opening screen of the app
Screenshot of an area of the app focused on energy issues

Actions on this Project

  • Moderated formal usability testing

  • Unmoderated online user testing

  • UX design recommendations 


The client requested a detailed research report that they could show to the company's investors. Below you can see a snippet from a page with a few minor recommendations from the 24-page report.

An example page of the report recommendations


  • Determined that political neutrality and privacy didn't surface as issues.
  • Discovered that nearly all participants were confused by the percentage and grade rating system for candidates
  • Uncovered how the app under-delivered on its promise of informing the user
  • Provided the Ballotvox team with the key information on what to fix and potential solutions to move forward
This is tremendous. This is very helpful and very timely.
— Lee Buck, Ballotvox Lead Engineer, upon hearing the research results and receiving the detailed report