Sanitation Tech Platform Website

As a program funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Sanitation Technology Platform (STeP) needed its own website to attract potential applicants. RTI International runs the STeP program.

After a stakeholder workshop and project brief, our team worked on the following wireframes. These were iterated upon by the visual designer, the information architect and me. Together we continued to adjust them until the client was satisfied.


User Researcher, Content Strategist, Editor

Wireframes for RTI


  • Proto-persona workshop

  • Persona development

  • Editing all text for the web

  • User testing of design and messaging

Screenshot of STeP Homepage


Melissa is a rare find. She has an incredible background in journalism and has become one of the finest UX researchers and content strategists I have ever worked with. The success of all of the projects we have worked on together, including the RTI STeP website, are directly related to her contributions, talent, client-facing presentation skills, and teamwork. Needless to say, I highly recommend her for user research, discovery workshops, content strategy, and speaking and educating others about UX.
— Emily Bahna, Founder, UX-Shop
  • Influenced stakeholders to create and prioritize personas to inform all content and design decisions
  • Improved readability and accessibility of all text on the website
  • Tested and adjusted the content and design with mockups before coding STeP's new website