An established ecommerce development agency in Brooklyn needed to improve its website's UX. The owner knew the strength of the agency was its technical work with brands such as Budweiser, Starbucks, and The Wall Street Journal.


UX Designer, UX Researcher

Since I was speaking at WordCamp Atlanta anyway, it was the perfect chance to conduct a usability test of the current Command C website with ecommerce shop owners. (Photo below is courtesy of Kari Leigh Marucchi of Found Art Photography.)  

Here's an "above-the-fold" desktop wireframe template for an interior page of the agency website. 

Here's an "above-the-fold" desktop wireframe template for an interior page of the agency website. 

Actions on this project

  • Analytics analysis

  • Stakeholder interviews

  • Customer interviews

  • Competitive analysis

  • Proto-personas

  • Usability testing

  • User research (5 Second Testing)


  • UX design recommendations


The new website design, seen below, featured a prominent call-to-action to drive visitors to the work samples area. I also tested, adjusted, then retested the messaging on this page through to ensure viewers correctly understood what the company offered. A strong third-party testimonial was placed "above the fold" to support the company's expertise. 

What I love about Melissa is her versatility—her knowledge of both UX and communication is incredibly helpful. While working with us she ran usability tests, adjusted website copy, wrote blog posts, and provided UX guidance. She’s trustworthy, responsive, strategic, and smart. I highly recommend using her to improve any digital project.
— Sara Bacon, Owner, Command C


  • 67% increase in website visitors to the “Work” area of the website
  • 135% increase in visitor traffic to the contact page after viewing “About” or “Work”
  • Helped Command C reach its highest revenue ever in 2017