USer Experience (UX) Services

Without understanding your users, customers, and/or partners, how can you truly help them? 

I provide qualitative and quantitative research so you have accurate data to make informed decisions.

Research is at the heart of a UX approach. These are research methods I often use in projects:

  • interviews
  • usability testing
  • website/app analytics
  • survey design and analysis
  • A/B, first click, and preference testing
  • field observation/contextual inquiry

Together we decide which research methods can generate valuable insights for you. After an initial consult where you share your goals and project, I’ll recommend which research methods would be most effective for your specific situation. 

Other UX methods and tools I use:

  • stakeholder workshops
  • personas and user journey mapping
  • content strategy (please see below)
  • information architecture
  • sketching and wireframing
  • collaborating with visual designers and developers

UX work can cost anywhere from $2,000 - $30,000. 


The most frequent content-related services I offer include (but are not limited to):

  • content inventory and audit
  • user research, including usability testing
  • personas, based on research with real people
  • communication plan with goals, objectives, strategies and tactics
  • message architecture
  • conversation architecture
  • editorial styleguide
  • content workshops and staff training

Feel free to call me to talk about your situation. Together we can determine what makes the most sense. 

Communication planning and content strategy costs usually range from $3,000 - $10,000.