Environmental Research Database

An environmental research group needed help with the design of a research database project related to soil health. The two goals of the database were to give users easy access to soil health research in one place and show funding gaps.

Following you can see the goals of our research plan and some of the questions developed for the interviews.


User Researcher

Research Plan Goals

Actions on this project

  • Interviews with proxy users

  • Analysis of research findings

  • Presentation of research findings

Data from interviews was gathered into a large Excel spreadsheet, a snippet of which is below. I then combed through the data for patterns of interest to the client.

Sample of Interview Results


Thank you, Melissa! This is excellent information. So glad you were able to do such thorough interviews!
— President of environmental research group
  • Determined users' current processes for accessing soil health research

  • Learned common search terms to help us develop a useful faceted search within the research database

  • Surfaced concerns about creating a database which the research group could address proactively

  • Discovered other promising ways to communicate research findings to potential users, e.g. a newsletter

  • Informed the design of the MVP