UX Article Roundup

UX (short for user experience) is a common buzzword now— it's popping up in business magazines and newspapers regularly. Marketing and communications people* are paying attention to user experience as never before. This is great because your website users are going to have an experience at your site no matter what. Now you have two options: 1) Ignore your users and hope their experience at your website is a good one.

2) Make sure your users' experience is terrific by learning from and adjusting to them.

What do YOU think is the best thing to do? This doesn't require an MBA.

Screenshot of Command C websiteSince January, I've been writing articles on UX for a terrific web development company in New York City called Command C. I'm guessing one of the following articles probably has important information you need:

If you think you can know why your website users act as they do by just looking at at your website analytics, it's time to read this article on the importance of context.

If you think that all you must do is make your website good enough for the majority of your website users, consider designing for drunks instead. 

If you sell products online, don't miss this interview with a marketing ecommerce expert whose three websites bring in millions each year in part by focusing on user testing.

Next month I'll share with you what I learn at the Digital Marketing for Business Conference in Raleigh, where I'm speaking about Website Design with UX in Mind. Until then, I'm crossing my fingers that you choose option 2 above.

(*this group includes you if you own or manage a website)