Resources for High Five Conference Attendees

Here is a PDF of slides from my talk Go Go Bananas with Research: How UX Research Can Better Your Marketing (and Even Change Your Business Model).  It's possibly the longest talk title ever!

Books recommended and referred to:

Other resources:

The Zombie Business Cure Book Available NOW

So happy to announce that my book is out now! You can buy it at Amazon here!

Do you know an organization whose communication is lifeless or indistinguishable? The Zombie Business Cure can help. 

The book covers:

  • content strategy
  • communication planning
  • some UX case studies

It's full of practical tips! It can help whoever is managing communication for an organization (or aspires to do so). This might be a:

  • small business owner
  • non-profit executive
  • marketing or public relations professional
  • business or communication student

Do you know someone who it might be able to help? If so, maybe you could buy a copy as a gift. 

Talking About Originality in an Advent Calendar

My religious family members would be so proud. I'm in an advent calendar - but for content strategy! Gather Content's 2016 Advent Calendar gives all kinds of solid advice from experienced content strategists. 

Learn how to stand out by being original with your content! I'm talking here about ideas from my forthcoming book The Zombie Business Cure. Click below to get to the 5 minute video!