5 Ways to Give Your Website Some Love

It's Valentine's Day weekend, so why not take a little time to show your website some love? Here are five suggestions to improve your website quickly: 1. Check for broken links. Having links that don't work frustrates your users and damages your credibility. Don't use up the goodwill of your site visitors on something easily fixable like broken links. There are free broken link checkers online such as: http://www.brokenlinkcheck.com/

2. Fix spelling errors. Quickly find spelling errors on your website with this website: http://respelt.com. Fix any errors to boost credibility and show you are detail oriented.

3. Update something, anything. Take a moment and see if you can freshen up just one thing on your website. Do you have a news item you could put up? Do you need to change your copyright date to 2014? Do you need to change some text?

4. Write a blog post. Blogging is valuable beyond being a useful tool to drive traffic to your website. For example, recent blog posts show visitors your website is up to date AND allow them to get to know you better. Both reasons encourage visitors to come back to you because they position you as someone current and approachable in your area of expertise.

5. Make sure you have a recent headshot. We know from usability research that website visitors scrutinize real photos of people and that a photo also adds credibility. But you need to make sure your headshot is recent. No, that photo from five years ago doesn't work. Change your photo every couple of years - and more often if you drastically change your look.

What one thing can you do for your website today? A little love goes a long way toward having a better website.